I spend way too much time on the internet looking for something good to read/watch/listen to instead of actually reading/watching/listening. To save you, loyal reader, from this tragic fate, I like to post links to cool sites I stumble upon while wandering the series of tubes.

First, even though the election is over, fivethirtyeight.com remains an essential once-a-week stop for even the slightly dedicated politics junkie. They were VERY accurate in assessing the ’08 election, but considering their focus was largly polling numbers and predictions I bet many readers have dropped off. That’s a mistake. Aside from predicting which senate races are likely to be competitive in 2010, the writers also post interesting political strategy tips for the GOP. I probably just like it for the smirk.

Second is a new find, overthinkingit.com, a hyperintellectual blog loaded with tons of high quality multimedia content. I’m partial to the philosophical analysis of The Dark Knight, but they get more play from this excellent video: