February 2010

This site runs through a series of really trippy tricks and illusions that will mess with your head, but in a good way. The one with the red dot is crazy!


I like those dogs that are so huge and fluffy they could pass for bears.

I think chili is delicious, nutricious, and surprisingly easy to make.

Burritos from the Taqueria the form to which all other burritos aspire.

I’m a fan of the floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor of the library at Whitman College.

I enjoy waking up earlier than usual, surprisingly refreshed, and enjoying the extra time in the morning.

Erasing completed list items from the whiteboard in the squad room.

Grinning at strangers.

Showers with the water turned up slightly too hot.

Clean sheets.

Feeling the expanse of infinite possibility.