The final days of college are dwindling away and the panic is palpable among the seniors. Except for a small group with tickets to grad school already bought and paid for, everyone is scrambling to find a job in an economy with 12% unemployment. Every couple days a friend tells me, sheepishly, that they’ll be accepting an entry level position in a field only tangential related to their long term goals. I wonder how many of us will end up as unhappy cubicle dwellers.

Reality bites. I remember mapping out my life in high school–landing on a career path after college was supposed to be pretty easy. You were supposed to be able to just sign up, like registering for classes. Moving up the ladder might take some effort, but find it? Peice of cake! If these last few weeks before graduation were cut into a montage, the score would be Death Cab for Cutie’ s “Sound of Settling.”

I’m on the lucky side. I’ve been fortunate enough to land a couple offers, largely through debate connections. But I definitely don’t have any offers that meet my lifelong criteria for work happiness: ridiculously high pay, short hours (never in the morning), and lots of fun. I guess I’ll have to wait on all that.