December 2008

I spend way too much time on the internet looking for something good to read/watch/listen to instead of actually reading/watching/listening. To save you, loyal reader, from this tragic fate, I like to post links to cool sites I stumble upon while wandering the series of tubes.

First, even though the election is over, remains an essential once-a-week stop for even the slightly dedicated politics junkie. They were VERY accurate in assessing the ’08 election, but considering their focus was largly polling numbers and predictions I bet many readers have dropped off. That’s a mistake. Aside from predicting which senate races are likely to be competitive in 2010, the writers also post interesting political strategy tips for the GOP. I probably just like it for the smirk.

Second is a new find,, a hyperintellectual blog loaded with tons of high quality multimedia content. I’m partial to the philosophical analysis of The Dark Knight, but they get more play from this excellent video:


This happens every year right around finals. I sink into an impenetrable fog of laziness. Today, I ate 1/2 pound of chips and about 40 clementines while playing x-box and watching House, The Office, and Lost. Part of me really, really wants to get off of the couch, but I just can’t manage it. I can’t even be bothered to write a second paragraph.

They can’t help it, they just are. Actually, obnoxious isn’t the right word…I think abrasive fits better. Some people are naturally abrasive. An example would be a person who takes pages upon pages of notes in a blow off class and then condescends to you about it. Arggghh. Waste your own time.

EDIT: Also, people who speak about irrelevent subjects in front of the class. Especially when their power point presentation is immaculately ordered and footnoted. Do you honest have nothing better to do? Get a dog.