I have NOTHING to blog about. This is the fourth post I’ve started today. First, I tried to write a little something on debate research–boring. Then I went for annoying commercials on television, but my brain is already so mushed that I couldn’t even think of a theme. Then I tried to review the book I’m reading, but as I’m only a fourth of the way through it the effort fell flat on its face. So now I’m writing about how I have nothing to write about.

It’s Oklahoma. Every time I come back here this happens. At first it’s a blast. I see old friends from high school and we go drinking, where I run into old acquaintances from high school with whom I also go drinking. But after about 10 days the appeal of drinking wears off and I realize that I haven’t woken up before 2PM since April. Time has the viscosity of molasses.

BUT! There is hope. When I’m bored I like to make lists of productive and/or moderately fun things I could do:

  • Walk the dog.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Write a fact sheet.
  • Write a blog.
  • Spy on strangers.
  • Read a book.

Okay, there’s a modest agenda for the day. If I do all those things today there’s no way I can stay bored! Action!