I cringe a lot more than most people I know. When a really terrible band starts playing or an awful public speaker mumbles into a microphone I feel humiliated. Same thing with Ben Stiller movies. In Meet the Parents I literally cannot stand the scene where he lights the house on fire. I feel incredibly uncomfortable watching Stiller’s character squirm.

Other people don’t seem to have this problem, as evidenced by Ben Stiller’s continued success. I was at my sister’s high school graduation on Friday and a couple of seniors gave “reflections.” Their speeches really weren’t awful, just cliche and delivered in a nervous monotone. My family looked bored, which is the normal human reaction to something boring. I was wriggling in my seat, barely able to watch. It’s like I connected too much with the speakers and couldn’t detach myself. Obviously there is no reason for me to react this way, but I almost always do.