Celestial Seasonings
The Dork Who Changed the Sleepytime Box
Boulder, CO

Dear Sir or Madam,

The redesign of the Sleepytime Tea box is keeping us up nights. Where did the bear cubs go? What happened to the peaceful scene of the bear family, with Daddy Bear nodding off and the little bears nestled snug in the quilted bed? The original design was as comforting and iconic as the tea itself. Why tamper with it? Without the bear family, something is missing–not just from the box but from the tea itself. What was a soothing evening tradition, a last vestige of comfort and tranquility in an overwheliming world, has been supplanted by hollow corporate self-promotion.

We liked Beth Underwood’s original scene. We don’t much care about your “all-natural legacy” and corporate horn-tooting for veteran tea experts who “source” materials from around world. We know the tea is good. We like the aroma. We like the taste. That’s why we bought it. But we also liked the Bear family and the homey scene. The new design betrays your company’s legacy, your loyal customers, and spirit of the tea itself. For shame, Celestial Seasonings. For shame.

Bring the bear family back!


The Robinson Family