Sometimes, math just makes sense!

Although my slash and burn, leave-no-survivors campaign against Taylor polynomials continues, this morning I won a terrible battle on a different front. I was working on this problem about  baseball player running and and how fast is theta changing and blah blah last night for HOURS and I just couldn’t get it. It was impossibly frustrating. Even a late night call to NW, my math guy, only left me feeling pissed off.

So I did what anyone would do in my situation. I played video games  all night long.

Afterwards, around 7AM and a little sleep drunk, I went to the cafeteria for coffee and took one more crack at it. The whole thing magically, mysteriously, PREPOSTEROUSLY clicked! Like, completely clicked. It wasn’t even hard, it just made sense all of a sudden!

So then in class, I recreated the same feeling. I tried on a “relax and don’t give a hoot” attitude and let the math wash over me, and it worked! I completely understood the lesson and I was solving the example problems ahead of the prof! Apparently, the key to learning math is to stop trying to understand it and just let it happen. If only some one told me at the start of the semester.