Sometimes, you just get lucky. BD and I got a huge break at this year’s Paul Winters Invitational at the University of the Pacific. After a lackluster 3-3 prelim performance, we advanced to double octos on speaks. We had assumed we were out after dropping our third ballot in round five to a team from Rice, but it turns out we were wrong.

We capitalized on the good fortune by beating a great team from Nevada-Reno in doubles to advance to the round of 16. We were facing Rice DH, one of the top teams in the country the last two years, but the stars were aligned. We were governing, and the resolution was “In this case, Ronald Reagan was right.”

We decided to interpret Ronald Regan as Ronald Reagan Junior, the President’s son, so we could run stem cell research. We beat back the obvious topicality, but we came up a little short on the case debate.  The decision was a 2-1 for Rice, who went on to semi finals.

The only other Willamette team at the tourney was PJ and E, which was a welcome change. It’s much easier to prep without a thousand n00bs crowding around your disad shell. Still, it can get a little lonely on long trips with small teams.