Routine is poisonous. Comforting habits cut channels that become inescapable ruts. It’s toxic.  Fortunately, I’ve discovered a brilliant antidote: reorganization.

I can hardly believe I’d kept my room in the same layout since the beginning of the semester. In the old layout, my bed was set uncomfortably high off the ground, my dresser was awkwardly positioned and hard to reach, electric outlets were obscured by furniture, everything was hard to reach, and I managed to completely block the windows. It was no good at all.

But now I’ve fixed everything! Everything feels spacious and open, sunlight fills the room, everything is easy to reach and messes are easy to hide. I feel infinitely more comfortable and focused in my room now. So, if you’re feeling down, move your stuff around! Teehee!

PS-I’d post a picture, but my damn camera is broken again.  Anyone know why the shudder won’t open all the way?