I’m getting pretty sick of going 4-2 and dropping on Sunday morning. Three in a row is plenty, thank you. BD and I weren’t exactly on in prelims, but we were squeaking by. Going into round 6 we were a very respectable 4-1, but we hit a very good Wyo team as a pull up and dropped on T. That forced us to debate in partial doubles, like the “play-in” round of the NCAA tournament. We hit a pretty solid team from host school Puget Sound and dropped 3-0.

The big difference for us this time was mutually preferred judging. Usually, you get screwed (or come very close to getting screwed) at least once at each tournament. The Puget Sound tournament  asks competitors to rate potential judges 1-6, with 1 being the best. Then the tab room makes sure each round is judged by some one both sides like. The result? Happy debaters and happy judges. We won 4 ballots and lost 5 (3 in the outround) and I completely understand and agreed with every decision. That almost never happens.