The other day I remembered the word “zugzwang” and looked it up on wikipedia. Turns out, it’s not just a chess term. Game theorists use it to a refer to a situation in which a rational player would rather pass than move. So I started clicking links and reading up on game theory, which is a really fun topic, and that reminded me of this:

There are 100 plastic Easter eggs hidden in an area. Suppose that 99 of the eggs contain $10,000, but  one egg contains a lethal poisonous gas that will kill you if you open it. Assuming there’s no way to tell which egg is poisonous without opening it, and that there’s no way to open the poisonous egg without killing yourself, how many eggs do you open?

If you’re answer is zero, how much money has to be in each egg before you open one?

How’s that for a ridiculous hypothetical, Hillary Clinton?