The debate season officially kicked off this weekend, and Willamette started things with a bang. PJ Crizzle and partner EL won the tournament, topping out a field of 40 or so teams. One of our freshman teams cleared the preliminary rounds and won in double octos, too.

BD and I had some success, too. We were 4-2 in prelims and earned a buy through the elimination round, but dropped in octos to a team from Puget Sound. I won the top speaker award, which has always been a goal for me. Unfortunately it’s a hollow victory when you lose in the round of 16. BD did pretty well, very well for his first open tournament. I couldn’t help feeling frustrated, though, as all three of our losses came at the hands of teams MA and I beat handily last year.

Adding to the frustrations, NPTE rankings come out next tomorrow evening. I’m sure Crizzle and Elo will be in the top 30 by virtue of their performance. I’m sure MA and I would have been up their with them. Instead, I’ll be watching dozens of names of debaters I’ve beaten climb higher and higher in the rankings. So it goes.

Next up in the debate world is Lewis and Clark. Topic areas are out, but they’re impossibly broad. I’ll probably just go back to my summer research strategy of pulling case ideas from the op/ed pages of the New York Times and waiting for disads to float by in the news.