I am totally appalled by the behavior of some people. After I described the social environment on campus MA summed it up perfectly: toxic.

The sexism and racism seriously really get to me, but even the vulgarity is over the top…and I have a thick skin. Here are a few comments that drifted through my closed door in the last half hour. Admittedly, they are taken out of context, but bear in mind that this is a 30 minute sample through a shut door. The volume of comments alone should convince you of the problem:

  • Talking about a woman: “have you smacked her enough times?”
  • “ohh, i’m gonna take a shit in your mouth drew”
  • Something about “semen on her dress”
  • Singing: Scandelous hos….
  • “Hit that shit. Hit it like virgin pussy.”

Now, everything is made in a sort of “joking” context or tone of voice. I always used to accept this kind of thing as satire, but having been totally immersed in it for the last week, I’m reconsidering. You just can’t say things like that ALL the time and not believe it on some level.

So I’m going to take some action. I’m going to stop being polite about this kind of thing, stop tolerating it. If they want to act this way when I’m not around they should go for it, but I’m not putting up with it. From now on, every comment gets some kind of retribution.