People don’t really explore the internet. We develop a few favorite sites and stop stepping off the beaten trail. Slate, New York Times, College Humor, The Onion; they’re all wonderful places to visit, but I don’t want to live there. So, in the spirit of exploration, here’s some cool stuff I’ve found recently:

  •  1,000 Days Non-Stop at Sea: This guy and some crazy people he hangs out with are in the process of…well…the name really explains it. But what’s really cool is they won’t even see land for almost three years. Oh, and no resupplying allowed.
  • The Bachelor Guy: It’s like a low-brow version of Maxim, for all your chauvinistic needs.
  • Technorati: If you’re not already using it to track updates on NWD and Poli-Think, you’re way behind the times, friend.
  • Conservapedia: It’s like wikipedia, but without the liberal bias. No…seriously…
  • Monkey v. Tiger: This isn’t a particularly unique find, but it’s one of my favorite clips. Besides Washington, of course.

That’s all for now, though I suspect there’s more interesting stuff out there somewhere.