I googled myself today for the first time in a long while and was disturbed to discover that, not only am I not in the top ten, there are at least 8 other Nick Robinson’s more notable than me. Several even have their own wikipedia entries! There’s Nick Robinson, political editor for the BBC, Nick Robinson the rugby player, Nick Robinson the British actor, Nick Robinson the British Origami artist, and Nick Robinson the husband of a former Irish President.

And that’s just on wikipedia. There’s also a creepy-looking bald guy named Nick Robinson who says he can help you achievelasting success and real fulfillment,” a wanna be actor with a blog, and a Mormon basketball player at Stanford.

This is unfair. I’d feel much better if there were just one really famous Nick Robinson who was hogging the spotlight, since then the pressure would be off. But with some many Nick Robinson’s running around doing notable things I feel like I’m just not living up to my potential…or my namesakes.