Late, late this evening I had either a brilliant or fantastically stupid idea for my room in our apartment next year. We’re staying in a four-bedroom apartment, with each individual bedroom being about the size of a standard single dorm room. In other words, space will be tight.

And what takes up the most space in a dorm room? The bed, of course! That’s why lots of people make complicated contraptions to lift theirs off the ground so they can throw more  crap underneath. I say they’ve got it all backwards. My plan is to build a fort.

The bed frame will probably be designed to lift the mattress four-five feet off the ground. If it doesn’t, I can easily slide some cinder blocks underneath to adjust the height. Then, I take the mattress off and put it underneath the frame! Brilliant! I could easily rig up some kind of curtain around the frame to block out light, and I could clamp a small reading lamp to a bed post. It’s a makeshift cave, perfect for a hibernating bear.

But even if you aren’t claustrophobic, won’t this actually waste valuable space, you ask? Not at all! Part II of my brilliant plan is to buy a piece of sturdy plywood, cut it to size, and place it on top of the bed frame where the mattress would normally be. Then, I can put my desk and maybe even my chest of drawers on top! In the free space generated I could get a couch! Or at least a love seat.

So, my plan gets me a snug, warm and cozy cave to sleep in, a super-cool elevated desk, a couch, and room to spare. Brilliant! The only risk is that all the school work piled up on my desk will overpower the flimsy bed frame and literally crush me in my sleep. But that’s just so beautifully appropriate I don’t think I’d even mind.