I think about the cap K a lot, probably because we used to lose frustrating rounds to it all the freakin’ time. The big hang up I have with it is that the alternative is almost necessarily vague, so it’s near impossible to make any offense stick. Except…

The alternative can’t link to the criticism. Obviously. So, the links should give us a clue as to what the alternative is. One of the links is almost always something along the lines of “GOV uses the USFG as it’s actor and the USFG is inherently capitalistic…”

So, given that the alternative can’t link, we can safely assume that the opposition’s advocacy doesn’t include placing any kind of demands on the USFG. But how can you change the system without going through the government?

The only possibility is VIOLENT OVERTHROW! Yipee! That’s something you can definitely generate some offense from.

The problem is, as always, that getting to think link in the first place would take at least a minute and the judge would probably just laugh at you anyway. So, as usual, the better strategy is to just run a bunch of cap good turns. SIGH