I’m pulling a total Jason Bourne move right now. I sneaked (this word should be snuck, but firefox says that’s wrong) into our local Panera Bread to use their free WiFi, but I’m not buying anything! teehee!

Internet is still down at my house, so I’ve got to come out here to entertain myself by obsessively checking blog stats. Anyway, as cover I brought an OLD Panera cup filled with coffee from my house. One of the employees keeps eying me suspiciously, but I’m not actually stealing anything. Well…maybe bandwidth, but the sign says free internet!

To make up for it, I’ll plug them. Panera is a nice place to hang out. It’s comfortably decorated, sports nice chairs and sturdy tables, and the coffee is cheap. I haven’t actually eaten any of their sandwiches but they look tasty. All in all, a good place…if you don’t mind the pretentious intellectual crowd.