I’ve been diligently trying to wake up no later than 9 the last few days in a desperate attempt to not sleep through every class next semester. So far I’m consistently waking up at around 10, although that might be more good fortune than self discipline. I woke up to a phone call from MaryAnn this morning, and a couple days ago to one from my Dad.

Anyway, 10 isn’t bad, but I’ve been supplementing my lost sleep at night with mid-afternoon naps. Naps are excellent. In fact, I wish that instead of sleeping most of my nine or so hours straight through I could break them up into 90-minute increments. I always have vivid dreams when I nap. Today, for example, I was at a party on Bellvue in Salem with several different people I recognized. I also think I was mopping or watching a tennis match or something because I kept looking back and forth.

Also, I don’t generally oversleep when I nap. My body naturally wakes me up at proper intervals, so I’m not all groggy and I don’t miss important events. Hooray!