In major sororities, pack leaders do photo ops.

Ever heard that story about how when Yassar Arafat came to Camp David and got photographed with Clinton? Apparently Arafat traditionally did the whole European kiss-kiss thing, but the White House didn’t want Clinton to be photographed too close to him, so he practiced this funny little arm-block move. Oh…you haven’t heard that story? Well the point is that photos with the President are meticulously staged. If you’re a lowly Congressman, a photo op with the POTUS is a reward for good behavior, for example.

According to my theory, the same is true in big sororities where, from the mysterious stories I’ve heard, power politics is king. I’m betting that for a lowly underclass(woman) who doesn’t spend hours on her make up in the morning, the privilege of being photographed with the chapter leader…I think the title is Queen?…is awarded only in exceptional circumstance. For example, if you help her rise to power in a bloodless coup.