So I’m plowing through the latest HP book and several thoughts occur (no spoilers, don’t worry):

  • I cannot keep track of all these characters and allusions to past events in the storyline. Where did this broken mirror come from? Why is Voldemort mad at Malfoy’s dad? I need a Harry Potter encyclopedia to look all this stuff up in, or at least access to my sister’s encyclopedic knowledge.
  • Hogwarts and quidditch and homework becomes less and less important in each book. It’s like Rowling started writing a children’s serial, like the Hardy Boys with magic, but it turned into an epic.
  • I always read too quickly, skimming for the action, and I end up missing lots of juicy details.
  • Ginny sounds hot, but Ron’s all pissy and won’t let Harry make a move.
  • Tonks reminds me of some one, but I can’t figure out who. What a great name, btw.
  •  Viktor Krum sounds like the name of a Russian (Bulgarian?) pastry.

Special thanks to Carlee for hooking me up with a PDF version. I assume she bought it online and gave it to me as a present. 😉