I’m considering becoming a vegitarian, which is ironic since I’m always making fun of MA for eating rabbit food and she’s actually trying to start eating meat. My concerns with meat are entirely moral–I love the taste and I don’t give a damn about the health impact, but factory farming really twists my stomach.

Plus there’s the whole matter of equal consideration of interests, which has me questioning whether I even have the right to eat a pig. I was working on a speciesism K and I let my gaurd down a bit and in slipped the argument. This is how all those ex-debaters end up trying to take down capitalism.

The insustainability of meat production is pretty shocking, too. It takes 10x as much energy to produce a pound of meat as it does to produce a pound of grain. Plus cow poop contributes to global warming.

But it’s difficult to imagine life without meat. I mean, what do you do at Thanksgiving? Christmas? Or nights in the cafeteria where the vegetarian line is serving bean cakes or something?