A couple days ago, my family discovered that when we took a crap at my house, the toilet’s contents ended up in the basement sink. As in, when you take a crap in the toilet it ends up in the basement sink. Here’s a chart:

Contents Delivered to Toilet==>Toilet sucks contents away==>Contents deposited in sink.

My mom disovered this issue the other day when she went down to the basement to get some laundery and noticed an awkward smell. The smell was coming from the big pile of crap in the sink. Because this has apparently happened before, we were able to immediately rule out deliberate sink crapping. It turns out that tree roots winding their way through the back yard have blocked the sewage pipe, leading to  a back-up.

So there are two burly plumbers stalking around my house make loud noises with funny looking equipment. I feel self-conscious and lazy for having slept till 11AM.