Bill’s a bar near OU campus with ridiculously cheap beer. It’s four blocks from house, it’s friendly, the bathrooms meet basic sanitation standards, and it isn’t too loud. It’s literally the best place I can imagine to have a few beers with friends. I went their tonight with NW and AZ, who introduced me to Bill’s last week, and I have to say, kicking back some cold ones with the guys is very much all its cracked up to be. A little social lubricant goes a long way towards reviving great friendships.

Remember what it was like before you turned 21? If you wanted a beer with your friends you had find some one to buy it for you, find a place to drink it, and give the parents some convincing story. Most of the time, that meant going to a party, usually with a lot of people you see all the time in exactly this circumstance but don’t much care for. The bar is the ideal solution to this problem. It’s totally acceptable to sit in a corner talking to dudes all night at a bar.