I sleep a lot. Last night I crashed from probably six thirty to ten (PM), farted around for a while, and then slept until one this afternoon. Two things are remarkable:

1) The position of the sun in the sky has no discernable bearing on sleep patterns these days. Seriously. I don’t get tired at predictable times anymore. I just stay awake until I fall asleep. And then I sleep until something, never an alarm clock, wakes me up. This is highly disorienting, but I definitely feel well rested.

2) I had a dream last night that I was on a science fiction space station and we had a party. Except while we were having a party, some rebel faction attacked us, so we all had a shot of Jack Daniels and jumped in our fighter planes. That’s when my mom asked me if I’d like to have the leather jacket Dad found in his truck. This happened in reality and not the dream, since I found the jacket in my room after I woke up.

…or did I?